Revelation Chapter 3 verse 20

" ...I (the Lord Jesus Christ)
     am standing at the door,  knocking;

if you hear my voice
and open the door,..."

whilst the context is Jesus rebuke to the church in Laodicea
for being luke warm - neither hot nor cold ( verse 16 )

I found it had an application as a survivor of the evil sexual abuse I was subjected to in my early childhood.

In my adult years I was unaware of the walls I had built up in my heart
until the Lord knocked at the door

I had asked Him in and found great joy and life in my heart

but I was only entertaining Him in the sitting room/ foyer.

as He prepared me to face my inner walls
He showed me my walls of steel
a wall of bricks  etc

in one case the wall was made of shame and pain

in another  case it held back a cesspool of liquid sewer
polluted by csa and left untreated

it had to be flushed out

and my soul washed out with the word of God

at last I feel Jesus has come into my heart

Sunday 2/01/2011 during the Sunday Service
I felt prompted to  add:

  • "Return to your first love"  (Revelation)
  • "Restore unto me  the joy of your salvation" (Psalm 51)


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