It's February 2018. Millions around the world are both mourning the death of the evangelist, Billy Graham.

and celebrating his ministry from the posy World War 2 period into the twenty first centurary.  He was 99 years of age.

As I read the tributes I became aware of how much his ministry had impacted me

and how his ministry of comming to Jesus Christ as we are

is behind the message of this site.

      Many came as they are  some bound by adictions leaving free in Christ.

      Before clicking onto the link to the Billy Graham Choir singing "Just as I am"

let us consider what it means to us today:


  •  I come as I am without being detraumatised first
  • I come as I am after being informed Christ has broken down the bariers of fear, false guilt  ( the guilt of abusers dumped on victims)
  •   He has broken down the barrier of shame  

          I can come with a brokem heart

         As I come there is love - no condemnation

   be encouraged as you hear the choir sing

     Just as I am...