When Psalm 119 v 105 says

"Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path."

   it is suggested it is reasonable

                   to suggest we have a path to walk.

 Is it not therefore reasonable to speak of

             our Journey of recovery from sexual abuse?

The greatest commandment in commanding us to

love God with all our




and strength.

     presupposes we have hearts, minds, souls and strength.

 In writing these aspects of recovery

the  journey of faith in Christ

    is intended to be made as part of a multi dimensional journey.


sexual assault councellors  inform our minds and help us in our understanding

       of what happened  and may help us process what happened

        as well as survival strategies

trauma release therapies may assist in the release of trauma from our bodies

    and  may assist in releasing trauma from our memories

 The legal stuff

      these pages have been written in good faith

but on the basis of read at your own risk.

       at any stage of your recovery we may experience traumatic memories

what one survivor has found to be productive may be counter productive to another

      our memories are unique and may be triggered inadvertantly.

 whilst every effort has been made to be sensitive

 and to provide supportive principles

   please prayerfully seek external support.

trusting in God

   I am but a fellow travellor sharing what may be helpful.























"Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God which works in you"

                     Philippians 2 v 12 - 13

When my first memory surfaced I asked my counsellor

    "What are the steps of recovery? "

   I felt abondonded when she said "there are none"  and prayed for God to show me

       the steps of recovery.    He showed me 8 steps.

    God is gracious and merciful.   

        over time I have written several attempts of steps of recovery

     for example 7 steps.


    I concluded recovery is a journey.

    and our journey is unique.

a journey of faith in God our heavenly Father

in Jesus Christ our saviour and redeemer - redemption from sexual abuse.

   There is a track in a certain national park built for a Princess to walk on a Royal tour.which has many landmarks

   It has a bridge,

   several seats carved into the rock

   at least one lookout over the valley

  and it ends at a waterfall.

I have found my journey of recovery has many works of grace along the journey.

    which I share for you to chose which may be relevant to you

    noting the order may change.for you.


  • a friend who is also a Christian survivor wisely said

          "recovery from sexual abuse is a subset of sanctification"

        this has been a helpful perspective.

  •      The power of God's love to cast out fear   ( use back on your browser to return )
  •      He restores my soul   hope for us survivors.   ( use back on your browser to return ).
  •      Prayer for a fulfillment of Isaiah 61  to heal our broken hearts and set us free from captivity.
  •      forgiving to be set free from bitterness and resentment. 
  •   my apology  I'm feeling fatigued    more later.
  • a reminder    take it slowly

                     take small steps

                     one step at a time

                    take time out  as necessary.   eg walking in nature

                                                                        exercise or sport 

                                                                        music as therapy

                                                                        relaxation activities  etc.