To avoid:

  • forgiveness does not require nor necessitate

             a restoration of trust

            rather to recognise another's weakness

  • Forgiveness should not be forced
  • Forgiveness should not be premature


is the antidote

to bitterness

and resentment.

Beyond Forgiveness - a Guide to Pastors and those ministering to those sinned against.

                I often hear testomonies of Christians who forgave and found healing.

 Let us give thanks to God for such a manifestation of His mighty power.

Let us rejoice in folk being healed to the Glory of God.

however - it is presumptous to argue from the particular s many in ministry have done

           those who are not healed feel abondonded   this should not be happening.

           there are better ways.

1. not everyone is healed. how many sick were at the Pool when Jesus healed ONE man?

2. some survivors of sexual abuse need to deal with other issues first.

       we used denial to avoid facing the unbearable, the unimaginable and the unspeakable.

        there may be a time when God gives one the strerngth to face it

               to speak it ( to those with some resistance to vicarious trauma)

                 and by God's grace to forgive.